Aun Mishara Upsidc The 5 Most Popular and Amazing Waterfalls of Northeast India


The North East Indian States or seven sister states are home to some of the India’s tallest waterfalls. Meghalaya is known for its number of amazing,astonishing and tallest waterfalls,lush green forests and dark deep caves. East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya is home of India’s 4 tallestwaterfalls.



The Langshiang Falls is the India’s 4th tallest waterfall by height and formed by Kynshi River, located near the village of Sangriang in West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya.



Nohkalikai waterfalls is tallest plunge waterfall in India,located near to the second wettest places on Earth, Cherrapunji Meghalaya. Nohkalikai Falls is one of the most amazing waterfalls of India.



The Nohsngithiang Falls is one of the most beautiful and scenic waterfalls of Meghalaya also known as the Seven Sisters Waterfalls, located at Mawsmai village in East Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya.


Kynrem Falls is also located near to wettest places of Cherrapunji in East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya inside the Thangkharang Park,one of the major tourist attraction of Cherrapunjee.


Vantawng -Falls

The Vantawng Falls is the most beautiful and tallest waterfall of Mizoram, located in deep forest of Serchhip district of Mizoram. Vantawng waterfalls is the most spectacular falls of all the waterfalls and considered to be the highest waterfall in Mizoram.


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