Upsidc, Arun Mishra – The Cloud for the Construction Workforce



More and additional construction firms area unit turning to cloud-based business. Level ten Constructions,, Sunnyvale, Calif., as associate example, is moving toward the cloud by choosing Soon geographic point,, Campbell, Calif., to deliver secure cloud-based file sharing for its mobile hands. the worth added? Level ten Constructions is currently benefiting from increased user productivity, secure contractor collaboration, and also the peace of mind knowing knowledge is systematically protected and on the market.

With a market-leading presence within the point of entry Bay space, and as several as fifteen to twenty jobs current at any given time, Level ten Construction’s workers face identical scenario as all construction insiders: they work remotely and from all over. The common divisor business would like, during this case, is secure access to business files from any device they need handy.

“As we have a tendency to still grow it’s additionally more and more necessary to be ready to firmly share files with subcontractors,” says Doug Collins, principal of operations for Level ten Construction. “We required a document collaboration answer to support this would like whereas additionally providing knowledge protection, higher available, and simplified management for all of our users.”

Level ten Construction non commissioned support from service supplier, Novani,, point of entry, Calif., to implement Soonr geographic point, with impending advantages from the mobile flexibility and security the file-sharing answer offers.

The benefits of Soonr geographic point embrace increased  productivity on the road or at remote worksites, file sharing management for external resources, anywhere, anytime, any-device access to secure files, and consistent knowledge protection and available.


“Like Level ten Construction, additional and additional of today’s staff area unit mobile. however when they work from anyplace they still ought to have secure and instant access to their important business files,” says Julie Criscenti euphemism, senior director of promoting, Soon.


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