ARUN KUMAR MISHRA UPSIDC-1000 करोड़ रुपए का सुपर हरक्यूलिस विमान क्रैश, देखें हादसे की पहली तस्वीरें

Krnpur / dah / Jaipur.  force cargo aircraft C-130J Super Hercules’ on Friday crashed near Karauli Juju in Krnpur. Prashant Joshi and Rajiv Nair Wing Commander, Squadron Leader KP Kaushik Mishra and Ashish Prasad Yadav and warrant officers were killed. Daily training aircraft under Gwalior to Agra was blown at 10 am Friday. The highest Dultbeg China border Olde Super Hercules lands on the runway.
Price: Rs 1,000 crore.
India three years ago 6 aircraft were purchased in the U.S. 6 thousand million. 5 now remain.
Pay-load capacity of 20 tons
It is capable of carrying 20 tonnes of cargo. 64 military vehicles or 12-13 with a coat of mail can take off.
Pros: Most Reliable
Fly in every season, short runway landing / takeoff capable of. The third incident in the world in 15 years.

Reason: technical malfunction
Due to a technical fault in the aircraft caught fire and fell down on the stones shattered – shattered. Ayrchif Marshal Arup Raha, said the court of inquiry has been ordered.



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